We use a team approach to project management and high quality architectural image production. Each project is assigned a project manager, photographer, assistant, and digital processing professional. Certain project teams may also include a stylist, art director, or lighting designer as necessary. This approach ensures that every aspect of the project and the images produced meet the client's requirements and our own standards of quality.

The first step in an architectural photography project is to research the site (or sites) to be photographed. This usually includes a site visit to determine the best positions from which to photograph, the types of artificial lighting employed, the natural lighting conditions and the time of day best suited for producing the images needed, as well as to get a "feel" for the place. Architectural photography can be highly technical, but also highly intuitive at the same time. We seek to produce a sense of the presence and space of a building's environment as well as its form and function. Sometimes multiple visits at different times of the day may be required to fully understand how a building interacts with its environment.

Additional research may include determining the compass direction of a building, traffic patterns in and around it, or reviewing previous photographs of the building (especially in the case of a renovation). The amount of research is determined by the purpose and intended use of the images as well as the nature of the architecture to be photographed.

The second step involves the actual image production. Any necessary lighting, styling, and image capture techniques from the remarkably simple to the astoundingly complex may be employed. The time setting up a shot, rather than the time actually capturing the images, is most often the deciding factor in achieving a high quality image. Our teams have photographed at virtually every hour of the day and in a variety of environments to produce the necessary images for an architecture client.

The next step is post production. All work is done on professional workstations with color-calibrated diplays using our own blend of commercial and customized software. The best images are selected and optimized for color, luminance, and contrast. Any retouching, layering for High Dynamic Range images, or compositing are performed. Images are prepared for delivery in a range of digital formats or as small or large format prints.

The last step is follow-up. The project manager reviews the project with the client to make sure all requirements have been met. If the requirements have changed, or if the client needs additional images, a second production shoot is scheduled. Our post production staff may provide consulting or further processing assistance to ensure that the images are reproduced properly in the client's presentation materials. Some clients take advantage of our graphic design, layout, and web prep consulting and production services, having us help prepare the presentation as well.

Whether an architectural photography project involves one building or 100 (actually 112 for one of our clients), our team project management approach provides high quality images and service every time.

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